All In The Same Bed, Medium Gail Thackray and Porn Peddlers





Medium Gail Thackray and Chef Jeff:

"All in the same bed" in the world of Porn Peddling

An article on AVN Media site(Adult Videos network) linking GailThackray/Harris to yet again another savory character and member in good standing in the Porn Peddling Business, Chef Jeff: 

Falcon Foto Inks Chef Jeff To Directing Deal :

 "Falcon Foto, the world's largest erotic library and creator of Hustler's Barely Legal, Hometown Girls and Virgins Magazine's have signed on-air personality Chef Jeff to an exclusive directing, photography and videographer deal for its 1 year old exclusive content production division. Jeff has been shooting content for nearly 4 years; most recently he directed the series for Guerilla Traffic. Jeff also serves as the Editor of the porno review, adult and sex news....                                                            “We have wanted to work together for quite some time," said Jeff in a statement. "I was excited to get the call and am honored to be working with such a reputable company. Falcon founder and CEO Gail Harris and Tucker have assembled a great staff."
Chef Jeff



Can you guess what kind  'exclusive directing, photography and videotaping'  they are talking about.    Hardcore Porn!!!  

 Here's some info on Chef Jeff' s 'work' on KSEX Radio  and BackAlleyHookers:


The series is a "reality" type series where "hookers" are picked up while walking the back alleys. "It is a really fun project to work on," Says Jeff, who is also the editor of the adult news web site and adult industry message board,

Wow...Back Alley Hookers, porn videos about picking 'hookers' off the street in a reality type setting ...very spiritual and wholesome... and may also be very revealing of Gail Thackray's future spiritual awareness and goodwill.....


Those are some serious porn peddlers,  I mean.. reputable businessmen!
The Spiritual Journey of Porn Peddling

From Porn Peddling and Barely Legal, to Granny shots and Falcon Foto videos to Chef Jeff and BackAlleyHookers  to MAKING MONEY, ANY WAY, ANY HOW!!!
And lots of MONEY!!!!...

But what future business ventures are OPEN to someone of her many 'talents'

Why, of course...perhaps New Age/ Spiritual Money Making, I mean..   Spirituality.

X-rated porn czarina, Gail Thackray shows how to market her body of work  for John of God???

.....based on an article in the Chicago Tribune

 Gail Thackray/ Harris is quite a newcomer on the New Age/pseudo faith healing stage. But she certainly has made up for lost time. Seeming to utilize the manipulative skills and questionable self marketing talents acquired in the porn industry, she now appears to be planning to expand her money making enterprises to the ever lucrative 'spiritual marketplace'. Firstly, we believe, foisting herself off as a pet psychic, animal communicator, clairvoyant medium and new fangled know-it-all of the spiritual world. Then, meretriciously promoting faith healer john of god in Brazil and, of course, herself, as a spiritual medium and 'Daughter of the Casa'. Now, the rest of the story......



Brought to light in previous posts, Gail Thackray using the name Gail Harris had a  long and dubious career  frolicking in  the  adult[ porn] industry. Back then, as shown, she had performed repeatedly in front of the camera and posed nude in  numerous ways and  sexual positions for I suppose, men's gratification ( yuck!!!)

Her many 'layouts' were shown in various 'men's magazines[porn] and videos, and still continue to be posted today

Then,   Gail Thackray/Harris  went into the business of porn peddling and her associations with porn master Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine. She allegedly both produced, bought or otherwise 'acquired' porn photos of  young women for sale to porn magazines and layouts through her many porn businesses, including Falcon Fotos, Falcon Enterprises and Naked Rhino.


A simple google search of Gail Thackray/ Gail Harris name will yield all her smut dealings.Gail Thackray’s  life in pornography. From model to her associations with porn master Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine. She reportedly both produced, bought or otherwise ‘acquired’ porn photos of  young women for sale to porn magazines and layouts through her many porn businesses, including Falcon Fotos, Falcon Enterprises and Naked Rhino.


In 1988, GT/Harris created the first niche magazine, Barely Legal, for Larry Flynt Publications[ Hustler Magazine]; it became one of Flynt's best-selling titles. She followed that up with the first amateur magazine, Hometown Girls. She also went to producing X rated porn videos. In an interview for YNOT NEWS published May 15, 2003, GT/ Harris states : " Yes, we were the first to shoot a granny[ grandmothers, ewww!!] and the first to create an entire magazine devoted to young girls. We created Hustler’s Barely Legal, Hometown Girls and Virgins magazines. We also take videos of many of the girls we shoot for Barely Legal, Busty Beauties, Hometown Girls, 40+, Plumpers and the other magazines. Now we’re having a blast shooting reality videos.... getting them off and making them laugh at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Gail Thackray, Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine, Barely Legal

I trust the title and questionable subject
matter of 'Barely Legal', suggesting sex with children, does not escape your notice. The connection between this kind of pornographic content which GT herself claims to have created and established and sexual deviancy and crime cannot be overstressed. Various groups, including  American Psychology Association and the US Justice Dept have investigated and now contend that there may be a link between this kind of porn and sexual deviancy and crime. The Department of Justice .

"the "Chester the Molester" comic strip, was arrested in May of 1989 for allegedly molesting a teenage girl for several years. Tinsley is employed by LSP Inc., the parent company of Hustler magazine.




John of God’s most famous guide and promoter, Gail Thackray made millions of dollars in SMUT, according to: 

A Chicago Tribune article by Paul Pringle on pornography, reports that Gail Harris [ Gail Thackray] sits on a gold mine of dirty pictures. She claims to own 1.3 million of them, one of the worlds largest inventories of smut.”Gail Thackray proudly boasts “… my library is worth a fortune–$25 million to $50 million,” said the 34-year-old Englishwoman, a former pinup herself. ” 





Is this the 'spiritual' world in which Gail Thackray/Harris set the intention to enter? We would like to ask why has she sought out this sordid environment and  associations in the world of hard core sex and pornography, like Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine? And more to the point , why has she also  personally contributed to making pornography more sickening and deplorable?  GT praises herself as the creator and implementer of  sexual fetish/niche porn magazines and videos, such as Barely Legal, Hometown Girls and many others. In conclusion, there is too much information to list here on the detrimental effects of this kind of porn towards society, especially women and children. I, for one, am totally dismayed and disgusted by what was apparently discovered here beneath the seemingly soulful personality, charm and  appearance of Gail Thackray/Harris. And also saddened by the deception. How easy it is for some to fool others for profit.  I am reminded of Matthew: "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." 



Gail Thackray's Spiritual Final Jeopardy;


What does The Pope, Larry Flynt, Hustler Magazine and Brazilian faith healer 'John of God' all have in common????   


"Millions made in Smut" by John of God guide

John of God's most famous guide and promoter, Gail Thackray made millions of dollars in SMUT.
A Chicago Tribune article by Paul Pringle on pornography, reports that "Gail Harris [ Gail Thackray] sits on a gold mine of dirty pictures. She claims to own 1.3 million of them, one of the worlds largest inventories of smut."
Gail Thackray proudly boasts "... my library is worth a fortune--$25 million to $50 million," said the 34-year-old Englishwoman, a former pinup herself. " 



Gail Thackray, Daughter of the Casa?

Gail Thackray [GT] seems to be a newcomer to john of god's 'traveling medicine show' and a most recent addition to his "Daughters of the Casa". But she has certainly made up for the  lost time. In just these  last few years GT has virtually exploded on the spiritist/new age scene. She can be seen and heard everywhere expounding the supposed necromantic beliefs, practices and money making schemes of these pseudo spiritual /faith healing/new age side shows.
From spiritual medium and  communicating with the dead to self acclaimed psychic and clairvoyant, to healer of the sick through interaction with spirits or the 'Divine', or healer through 'Distance Energy Healing'(?I don't know what this particular treatment is, but it costs $135) to pet and animal psychic communicator. The list goes on and on!  GT claims she can do it all (And she does do it ALL  as we will soon see....for a price!). But, perhaps her favorite commercial endeavor is promoting  john of god[JOG]. She has posted hundreds of youtube videos, articles and several books  advertising JOG to the gullible, sick and desperate. Created in her name is a plethora of websites(, gailthackraygoogle, gailthackrayspiritualjourneys) and multiple facebook accounts ( at least five!   1. 2. 3. 4. 5.) and other such thinly guised ads. She tirelessly and valiantly shills for john of god with promotional tours and newage talk shows to whoever will listen to her and give her airtime.

Gail Thackray's Tours to JOG,$1950

At first glance, throughout the many promotional videos/ info-commercials for JOG,  one cannot help but notice that Ms Thackray is a physically attractive, vivacious and charismatic woman. I am told her feminine qualities and appearance appeals to a certain common type of man. But, what I noticed right away  was that she wasn't one of your run of the mill JOG groupie. Her skill of posing and gesturing in front of the camera, her talent acting and reading her lines. The high quality of the film productions with various shooting angle, lighting, editing and a soundtrack! That was way professional!!..And that  costs a lot of MONEY!!  I was intrigued to who this person was with such acting talent and where she came from. Little did I realize what a bombshell was about to fall. And what certainly seems to be lurking beneath this facade of new age spirituality.


In the initial searches of GT,  I visited the numerous sites and videos described above dealing with her so called spiritual journeys. Then, when I was about to quit my searching, I came across quite by accident a rather obscure photo from a British newspaper featuring GT posing nude. Could this be the same woman? 

Gail Harris/Thackray

T&A..Talent and Asset 

"I'll Excite You! Gail Thackray/Harris

No por se porno


Searching the name Gail Thackay/ Harris [GT] yielded many very bizarre and shocking results, from nude posings in magazines to hard core erotic photos and videos to graphic crotch shot layouts and sexual fetishes down to the sordid world of pornography, and much more! GT certainly seems to have done it ALL!

 Videos Gail Thackray/Harris

        Forbidden Games

        ...F*cked in Office

          Hot sex

We believe GT describes her desire to make money any way, any how by pornography with two quotes from an interview in XBIZ, a porn industry review magazine. " I use everything I have; I'm not afraid to use my femininity' and "I was always very entrepreneurial," Harris told XBIZ  "It's something I was born with.." Indeed, ENTRPRENEURIAL, that explains a lot!

But, Oh, there is more! Much more. Not only had GT entered this questionable world , but she apparently is/was a major accomplice in it. By allegedly claiming to make, distribute and of course SELL pornography, GT is reportedly making millions exploiting the perverse and earthly sexual fixations of pubescent males. Meanwhile seeming to some to act hypocritically  as a very devout and spiritual person in direct contact with God/The Divine/The Entities/The Source.
But who knows what lurks in the hearts of men.... and women!...Check the sites and numerous nude photos listed and let YOUR  SPIRIT decide..



X Rated Porn Czarina promotes Brazilian Miracle Man